C2 Education is a 360 tutoring company that specializes in college counseling, test prep, all subjects including APs, college applications and essays. 
Our process is as simple as it is smart. 
Step 1 :  Diagnostic Testing, We begin each student with a diagnostic test ( Free ) to uncover areas of opportunity.  
Step 2:  Personalized Program, We then create a personalized program to target those areas of opportunities and include goals.
Step 3Exceptional Instruction, C2 provides a teaching staff of professionals who score in the top 5% of the SAT and hold a bachelors degree.
Step 4: Critical Transition, We offer full K-12 services and curricula to facilitate transitions such as High School to College. 
Step 5: Continuous Tracking,We reevaluate and adjust each students curriculum and goals by meeting monthly with parents and providing interim testing.
As a reminder, our tuition does vary by the families goals and the academic plan created. The range is $45-$99/hour depending on the program. We are happy to offer all Milton students a free test, free session, and consultation. 
Our programs will allow our students to work on all subjects and share any remaining hours with siblings. Our Test prep students will go through college counseling with our Directors when requested, who are C2 certified in college counseling. We provide each student with a college roadmap along with college profiles and stats. 
A more demanding area we have found for our high school students is AP testing. We provide free practice exams and curriculum for those as well.